Eco Tip #5 Smart Energy Meters: A no-brainer device to save the planet and your wallet.

Eco Tip 5.png

A study on smart energy meters claims that 8 out of 10 users would recommend them to a friend. This study also demonstrates that:

●     80% feel like they now understand their energy spending better.

●     68% feels more responsible and conscious of their consuming.

●     49% claims they're actively saving money.

●     47% worries less about bills.

So, what's the fuss all about?

Just as you probably deduced from the first two paragraphs, a smart energy meter is a device that shows you precisely what you are spending energy on —and how much.

Mandatory in some places (like Victoria, Australia), smart meters digitally estimate your electricity usage and send that data to your provider. They do so in 30-minute intervals (as opposed to a typical meter's three months), allowing users to see this information and act upon it.

Knowledge is Power

Armed with a smart energy meter, you can see exactly what you spend energy on and understand your consumption better. While the mere fact of knowing what is draining your wallet when the electricity bill hits your doorstep might be enough for some, you can also treat your consumption like a game and try and optimize it.

If you're also collecting electricity from natural sources, this could even help you generate more energy than you spend, becoming a net positive for planet Earth.

Now's the time to change

We tend to underestimate how far simple strategies like understanding your consumption can go until we see them play out. One of the greatest benefits of smart meters is that, by making our population more conscious and active in their energy consumption (while it happens, instead of months after), more people recommend it to others, creating a ripple effect.

It might not be smart meters that save the planet, but they're certainly a powerful tool do help us do so.

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