Eco Tip #4 Smart Thermostats: Are They Smart Enough For Your House?

Eco Tip 4.png

While we walk around with devices in our pockets that are more powerful than the computer that took Neil Armstrong to the moon, our homes remain largely the same. However, this might just be about to change —perhaps forever.

Moving in jumps, rather than lines.

We tend to forget that technological advancement does not happen in equal increments, day after day. In fact, the opposite is true: Things can remain stagnant until a single day when they take a turn that sparks exponential growth.

Because of this, you might not have noticed a lot of technological updates within your house. But this doesn't mean you won't start seeing them soon... and in the homes of everyone you know.

Smart devices are cool (pun intended)

As we mentioned in another one of our blogs, the one thing you want your house to excel at is protecting you from the elements.

As someone interested in sustainable living, you probably understand the amounts of energy and the impact that heating and air conditioning systems have and are interested in lowering your impact. They also allow you to control your house's temperature from anywhere you might be connected to the Internet and learn from your behaviour to suggest automatic actions.

A device such as a smart thermostat can drastically increase your home's efficiency, helping you save as much as 30% on your climate-control needs compared to traditional alternatives. They can also integrate with your smart devices (Alexa, Assistant, Siri, HomeKit, etc.) to allow you to use voice control other optimisation features.

Smart thermostats can turn off when they detect you're far away from home. They can start warming the house when it's cold outside, and you just left work. But, perhaps more importantly, they can make you forget that you have them. Or how it felt to not be always at the perfect temperature.

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