Eco Tip #1 Heat Pumps

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Houses exist to keep you away from the elements, which is why there's rarely anything more frustrating than a cold house. Wherever it is you live, and however grateful you can be for having a roof over your head, no one wants to be wearing a jacket inside during the winter.

So, how do you keep your house warm in the most

self-sustainable way?

You might not hear about this every week in the daily news, but heat pumps have made incredible developments in the last few years. While, previously, these systems (which are basically reverse air conditioners that move heat from one place to the other) could only be used for mildly cold climates, recent developments have made them able to provide as much space conditioning as traditional heaters with a quarter of the energy expenditure.

Heat pumps 101

Like a fridge, heat pumps move cold air from your house to the outside, making the space inside warmer. They can also be used to cool down homes in the summer, equally with lower energy expenditure. While central alternatives to heating and traditional air conditioners might be more convenient in cities, heat pumps guarantee a higher value for your dollar if you intend to live off-grid, use solar energy, or be secluded from urban areas.

Modern living needs, modern solutions

While the world around us changes quickly, our living needs are in the process of constant adaptation. With remote work taking over our world and commuting being on its way out (hopefully for good), more and more people are looking to reconnect with nature, live in peaceful areas, and make the most out of their expenses while protecting the environment.

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