Eco Tip #33 Eco Cleaning Products


Cleaning products are a necessary part of life for maintaining a clean and healthy environment both at home and in the office. But, in addition to leaving your house squeaky-clean and smelling fresh, it’s important to remember that many cleaning agents contain a lot of chemicals that can be harmful to both you and the environment. The major cause of concern with these products is that many of these chemicals can pollute streams and food chains and some can take years to degrade while others might never degrade at all, leading to lasting damage to the environment.

Due to this issue being pressed with the recent rise of health-conscious consumers, many brands have taken the initiative in creating healthier and more eco-friendly versions of their products. However, if you’ve been shopping recently, you’ve probably come across a whole host of different “organic” or “eco-friendly” cleaning products and other products that are supposedly better for the environment in some way. With the plethora of different products around and the use of certain products taught to us and ingrained into our cleaning habits from a young age, it’s a challenge for anyone to understand which products are good to use – let alone which ones are actually safe for the environment.

While using green and non-toxic products is great, here’s a few products you can use to get your house squeaky-clean au naturel:

1: White Distilled Vinegar
The obvious #1 choice of the list, this common household good is an antifungal wonder that’s also great for killing germs and cleaning in general! You can use this one for pretty much anything from soaking vegetables to washing your floors.

2: Baking Soda
This other common item is a natural deodorizer and makes for a great scouring powder. You can also use it to help get rid of pesky stains on fabric! Just make sure you don’t mix it with the white vinegar, or you’ll have an impromptu science fair volcano to clean up.

3: Lemon Juice
Fresh lemon juice makes for a sweet and lemony smell to add to your vinegar and works wonders for removing grease stains. Just use some lemon and salt or baking soda to scrub those countertops and pots and they’ll be stain free in no time.

4: Club Soda
There are many myths about club soda and sparkling water’s cleaning abilities, but one thing for sure is that it makes for an excellent window cleaner. You can even use it to remove grease stains and bug splatter from your windshield

5: Olive Oil
While mainly used for cooking, it’s good to remember that olive oil is also a wonderful wood furniture polish.

There are many other household items you can find that will help you get cleaning done cheaply and efficiently while still being very eco-friendly. With so many options available, it’s about time to consider green cleaning as the right choice for both households and offices. That way, we’ll have clean and healthy spaces while also helping the environment.

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