Eco Tip #32 Plastic Bottles

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Once upon a time, tap water was safe to drink. But with the progression of industrialization and increasing pollution, consumers eventually grew concerned that the toxins from industries were seeping into water systems. Over the years, there was a surge in people’s desire to be healthy and drink safe water, and so entered bottled water.

For years, drinking store-bought bottled water has been touted as the healthy solution, but is it really the right solution, or is it just adding more to the pile of environmental issues? Well, here are a few facts you should consider before buying your next bottle of water.

Globally, around 80% of all the plastic water bottles we buy end up in landfills. With each bottle taking around a thousand years to decompose and leaking harmful chemicals along the way, bottles are one of the biggest contributors to environmental pollution. As an estimate, roughly 1500 bottles end up as waste in landfills or the ocean every second.

All that plastic in the ocean doesn’t just disappear either, there’s an area in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch which currently measures roughly 2 million square kilometers – that’s larger than Texas. Research has shown that the patch consists mostly of plastic bottles and caps, plastic bags, and fishing nets. At the rate that plastic waste is ending up in the ocean, it’s estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Over the last few years, plastic straws quickly became the center of attention due to their damage, and plastic bottles probably aren’t too far off from the same treatment. There’s one simple way you can drastically cut down on your plastic waste, and that’s to just buy a reusable water bottle. Here are the main reasons that buying a reusable bottle is worth the change:

#1: Most bottled water is just glorified tap water
Yes, you read that right. While there are a few brands that use actual spring water, most of them are just using tap water that’s been purified. You’re essentially paying a premium for something you could get in your own home.

#2: They don’t contain harmful chemicals
Despite research showing clear links between BPA and health issues, BPA is still widely present in many plastic bottles. That’s just one of the harmful chemicals in plastic bottles though.

#3: Stainless Steel bottles keep bacteria at bay
In addition to not having chemicals, they don’t give mold and bacteria a place to hide. The best part about that means you can use it as many times as you like without any weird smells coming from it.

#4: Stainless Steel bottles are sustainable
With a metal bottle, you won’t be throwing away plastic every day. On top of that, they’re far more sustainable to produce, needing fewer resources and less energy than plastic bottles.

#5: Keep your drinks hot or cold
While this reason is purely for pleasure, you’ve gotta admit that having an ice-cold bottle of water with you during a hot summer really makes a difference.

Having your own bottle will save you countless trips to the store to buy some while also being a more sustainable choice. So, along with being healthier, you can help save the environment – one sip at a time.

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