Eco Tip #28 How To Save Water in The Garden

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Water, or more precisely a lack thereof, is an ongoing problem in Cyprus. Thanks to a lack of rainfall in recent years along with the typical Cypriot climate, water is considered a valuable commodity. In the average household, more than half of water is typically used in the yard. Although, that doesn’t mean that saving water and having a beautiful garden are hard to achieve! Here are a few simple suggestions that can help you achieve exactly that:

Add Mulch and more Mulch

Adding a couple inches of organic mulch to your plants is an incredibly easy water-saving hack that also happens to be very beneficial for your plants! Good organic mulch is excellent at retaining moisture while also helping to suppress any weeds. On top of that, they’ll enrich your soil as they decay, providing great nutrients for the soil.

Use an Adjustable Sprinkler Nozzle

One super quick and simple way to start conserving water in your garden is by switching to an adjustable sprinkler nozzle. Swap out your non-adjustable sprinkler for one that has multiple watering patterns. These sprinkler nozzles are a cheap and effective method of directing water only where it’s needed – helping to avoid any wasteful runoff.
Some of these nozzles can even lead to 30% less water use when compared to traditional sprays, so they’re well worth a try!

Water Plants in the Afternoon

This sounds odd, but it works! When you water plants in the early morning or before midday, the heat will have a tendency to evaporate quite a bit of your water before your plants get to drink it. Instead, water them a bit later during the day when it’s getting a bit cooler. If you water your plants by hand, it’s also a great excuse to relax during the day and avoid that killer heat for a bit longer.

Recycle Household Water

If you’ve got a bucket lying around and you like to wait for your water to warm up before you use it – this one’s for you! Rather than let that cold water go to waste, let it run off into the bucket until the water is ready for you to use. Then you can use that extra water for your plants! You can also use any spare water from household chores as long as there’s no chemicals in it.

Use a Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart sprinkler controllers are sort of like smart thermostats  – but for your garden. By combining a range of sensors, they water your garden at the best times and ensure your plants are at just the right level of moisture. While they’re not the cheapest solution to save water, some models also come with a range of other smart features for you to use around the house, so they can be a great addition to your smart appliances.

These are just a few suggestions that you can use to keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy while also reducing wasted water. So, why not try a few of these yourself to see just how much water you can save?

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