Eco Tip #27 Quick Tips to Reduce Plastics At Home

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Since their creation just about a century ago, plastics have since invaded the planet and are one of the biggest pollutants on earth. For reference, the combined size of floating islands of plastic waste islands in the Pacific Ocean measure over 1.6 million km2. At this rate, it’s expected that by 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

To protect the earth and ourselves, reducing the consumption of plastics is an important change that should be made. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a hard change to make – here are some simple ways to reduce your use of plastic!

Use Reusable Produce Bags

These days, most people bring their reusable grocery bags to lug their food out of the store. But, everyone seems to forget the plastic bags you use to grab your fresh produce from the store. Grab a couple reusable produce bags and keep them with your grocery bags and you’ll never need to use those plastic ones again!

Get A Reusable Water Bottle

The biggest source of plastic waste is single use packaging. Plastic water bottles fall into that category. Rather than using those wimpy plastic bottles, why not switch to a glass or metal bottle? Fill one up every day and stop buying water bottles and you’ll help the planet while saving money too.

Bring Your Gear to Coffee Shops

Plastic straws and cups are in the process of disappearing as more shops adopt paper straws and cups. However, paper straws are arguably one of the worst ideas of the century. So, skip out on those and bring your own reusable straw and travel mug on your next trip to a coffee shop. That way, you can avoid the paper straw and cup while still getting your favorite drink!

Stop Using disposable Razors
Rather than use those disposable razors and then tossing them every month or so, you could consider moving to a razor that allows you to swap out the blades, or even switch to a straight razor if you’re really brave. Straight razors are great for shaving beards or even legs, and they’ll give you major bragging rights along with a really great shave too.

Avoid any single use plastics
Single use plastics are everywhere, and one great place to avoid them is with food. Rather than getting your take-away from a restaurant in a plastic container, bring a tupperware just in case, or opt for cardboard instead. When you’re making your own lunches, avoid single use plastic baggies and go for reusable ones instead. And, if your local grocery store offers foods in bulk, then you can even bring your own containers and stock up on with those instead.

Reducing your use of plastic doesn’t have to be hard, and these are just a few ways that you can do it. It might be a bit daunting at first, but once you start doing these, you’ll notice they’re actually really efficient- like shopping in bulk for example. That makes these tips a great way to cut down on plastic waste while also making life a lot easier!

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