Eco Tip #25 Smart Ways to Save Water


The tiny blue marble we live on, also known as the Earth, might seem like it has abundant water, but less than 1% of that water is available for human use. The rest of the water is salt water from the ocean, frozen water in the polar ice caps, or just inaccessible water. Water is one of the planet’s most valuable resources and it plays an important part in our lives, whether it’s for cooking dinner, watering the yard, or fighting fires. Being in Cyprus, a country with very limited fresh water and chronic water shortages, saving and using water efficiently can have a substantial impact on not only the environment but on your water bill as well!

So, here’s a couple tips for how you can save water and money while you’re at it!

Turn off the tap.

Based on global estimates, leaving the tap on when you brush your teeth can waste 15 to 18 litres every time! When you’re brushing your teeth, washing your hands, or washing your face, you don’t need the tap to be on the whole time. Just open the tap when you need to rinse, and you would be saving over 5000 litres per year – and that’s if you only brush your teeth once a day and didn’t wash your hands (please do).

Use low-flow shower-heads

In Cyprus, where the weather is pretty sunny and hot all year round, water is important not only cook dinner and water the yard, but also to keep cool and avoid melting into a sweaty puddle. That means a lot of showers throughout the day. You don’t need to stop showering to save water, just installing a low-flow shower-head can save over 60% of the water normally used in showers! That’s over 7,500 litres saved per year, so the shower-head more than pays for itself within the first year.

Fix your leaks

Just a single leaky faucet in the house that drips at about one drop per second can waste over 10,000 litres per year! That’s enough for almost 200 showers. It’s estimated that roughly 10% of houses have a leak, and they’re usually from toilets, dripping faucets, or sinks. One way to find a leak is to put a couple drops of food colouring into the water in your sink or your toilet bowl – if the colour shows up anywhere, you’ll be able to see it clearly. So, Fix your leaks!

Save water outdoors

Over 60% of the water used by the average home is used up in the garden. In fact, one garden hose or sprinkler can use almost as much water in one hour as a family of four can use in one whole day. You can easily fix that by installing smart sprinklers or even just adjusting your schedule to watering when the sun is low – that way you can minimize any evaporation.

There you go, saving water is not that hard! Using water efficiently not only reduces your next water bill, but it also helps the planet as a whole in more ways than one. While you’re at it, you can also read up on smart ways to save energy at home. It’s quick and easy, so making the extra effort is well worth helping the Earth.

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