Eco Tip #22 How to get the most out of the Sun


Renovating or building homes that make better use of the sun is an eco-trend that’s been gaining traction around the world – and for good reason! Every house always has an impact on the environment, and making a house more solar efficient is a big step towards minimizing this impact on the environment. Investing in solar-efficient technology, whether it’s solar screens, solar panels, or any tech can not only benefit the environment, but also substantially increase the value of your house. They’re also highly economical and more than pay for themselves in the long run.

Since we’re in Cyprus, where there’s a lot more sun than other countries, it’s the perfect place to take full advantage of that sunlight!

So, if you’re planning on building or renovating your home to be eco-friendly and do your bit to help the planet, then here’s some great tips for how you can make the most of your daylight.

Location, Location, Location!

And orientation, really. One very important factor to take into consideration when building a home or making any solar arrangements is where the Sun will be. By considering the movements of the Sun, you can place your home or solar panels in a way that will make the most of it for energy and lighting needs.

Solar Screens

One of the key ways that considering the movement of the sun can help make a more energy efficient home is through heating and cooling. Using solar screens, fabric screens mounted on the exterior of windows, on the windows facing the sun allows the windows to block up to 90% of the UV rays and prevent the sun from heating up your home too much. But don’t worry – they only block visibility by about 15%, so you still get to enjoy the view.

During the Winter, you can also remove the solar screens to allow more sunlight and heat into the house. Just by using solar screens, a house can reduce its heating and cooling costs by around 30%

Get Some (Natural Light)

Another way to use the sun is through natural lighting. When building or renovating your home, place large windows in areas where there’s a lot of Sun so you can take maximum advantage of sunlight to illuminate your home naturally during the day. Skylights are also a great way to bring some light into your home and make a beautiful addition to any house.

If placing windows in those areas isn’t possible, you could consider using sun tunnels to bring natural light to your home. Sun tunnels, light pipes, sun tubes, or whatever you know them by, allow you to bring light into an area where there’s no way to get natural light. They use a panel that sits discreetly on the roof with a reflective tube that channels the sun into the room. You can use them on flat or slanted roofs and they make a great solution for lighting dark rooms or corridors during the day.

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