Eco Tip #21 How To Make Appliances More Efficient


You don’t need a state-of-the-art fridge that speaks 3 languages to be energy efficient. In fact, you don’t really need smart appliances at all. While more modern appliances are more efficient thanks to better technology, what really makes them efficient is how you use them.

In fact, estimates show that the average household can save about 25% on utility bills by simply using appliances more efficiently. So, here’s how you can make sure your appliances are efficient:

Wash Full Loads Only

Washing machines and dishwashers use both electricity and water, and despite newer models being very efficient, the way you use them is what has the largest impact. When using your washer and dishwasher, make sure to only wash full loads – that alone will make your appliances more efficient. To add to that, using cold or less hot water for laundry can use 40% less energy than a normal load.

If your washer and dishwasher are over 10 years old, then you could also consider replacing them with newer models. Their energy efficiency ratings go from D to A+++ and they can use as much as 50% less water than older machines.

Dry Smarter

Here in Cyprus, we’ve got more than enough sun to go around. So, if you’ve got some space outside, why not hang your clothes out to dry and give them that warm and fuzzy ‘sun dried’ smell? If you really can’t do it, try to avoid using your dryer as much as possible and stick to full loads. When you do run your dryer though, make sure to properly clean out your lint screen so that the laundry gets more airflow and can dry faster. Another thing you can do is use dryer balls or throw in a dry towel – they both help to reduce drying time.

Take care of your fridge!

The biggest consumer of electricity around the house is the fridge. Fridges are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – that makes for an immense amount of electricity. The best way to help save energy is to make sure that your fridge has a high energy efficiency rating. Although, if you’ve got an old fridge or aren’t planning on buying one anytime soon, you can help your fridge by showing it some good old TLC. Just keep the fridge coils clean and make sure the seals work properly and you’re well on your way!

Turn them off!

Keep your appliances in check by switching them off when you’re not using them. These days, it’s common to see TVs left on at night, even PlayStations and Xboxes left on throughout the night when they’re not being used. So, take control of and reduce your energy consumption by making sure that all your appliances are energy-efficient.

Appliances form a large part of our lives and our homes, and there’s so many of them that they’re easy to forget about. Whether you use a smart meter to check your energy use, or use smart plugs to automate your appliances’ efficiency, considering these simple steps can definitely reduce your carbon footprint.

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