Eco Tip #20 How Working from Home is Helping The Environment


Waking up a couple minutes before work, working in your PJs, and answering emails while chilling on your sofa with a warm cup of coffee, are all known benefits of working from home. And yes, they’re totally worth it. But other than saving money and not having to bear with the traffic heavy commute to the office, there is more to working from home that might surprise you.

So, sit back and relax in those PJs and read on to see how working from home can make a positive impact on the environment while also giving you a better work-life balance!

No Commute

Not having to travel to work is the blessing we’ve all wished for, allowing us to finally avoid all that traffic and road rage. But, have you ever wondered exactly how much time that saves you? Well, it’s estimated that the average one-way commute to work is around 27 minutes. Adding up all the working days in a year, it adds up to over 9 days spent in your car every year – just from commuting. You also save money from not commuting. Considering the price of fuel in Cyprus, you can save around €7,500 per year just by not commuting to work.

On top of saving you 9 days’ worth of time and a significant amount of money, you’re also helping the environment! Previous estimates have shown that about 25% of the planet’s carbon emissions come from the daily commute. In other words, working from home means saving the planet in your PJs while also saving money – good deal, right?

Cleaner Air

Less people commuting to work every day means less cars on the road. And that, in turn, means less air pollution from those cars. Decreasing air pollution has a massive benefit for the environment and for humans too. Studies have shown that about 9 out of 10 people now breathe polluted air, which causes pulmonary disease, asthma, respiratory infections, and much more.

On top of decreasing acid rain and ozone depletion, the reduction of air pollution from fewer commuting employees can help keep the air we breathe a little cleaner for everyone.

Less Waste

Let’s all be honest here. When we’re in the office, how often do we print out documents we don’t really need printed and use those throw-away coffee cups or get plastic packaged food? If we worked from home, we probably would do that a whole lot less considering that the kitchen is a couple steps away and printing documents is going to cost ink and paper. We’ve pretty much become accustomed to doing almost everything digitally at this point as well. Working from home overall means a substantial decrease in avoidable waste, like paper and plastic products.

While there aren’t exact figures to show the impact of waste from offices, working from home nevertheless makes an impact by reducing paper use and plastic waste in the office – and any difference, no matter how small, is important.

That’s just 3 of the benefits of working from home. On top of helping the planet and saving money, working from home has also greatly benefited the lives of many by creating a more balanced life. So, if you’ve been on the fence about remote work, why not make your work-life a bit ‘greener’ and give it a try?

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