Eco Tip #16 Smart Ways To Automate Your Home

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Automating your home is just one of the many ways to make the most out of your smart appliances. Other than saving money, automations can help with everything from waking you up on the right side of the bed to making sure you don’t worry about the oven when you’re out.

To help you get started with your own home automation, here’s a list we’ve put together with some of the best home automation ideas!

Light Automations:

Lights are one of the most common smart products since they’re relatively cheap and easy to implement around your home. That makes them the perfect place to start!

1. Get started by creating a routine that will turn all the lights in the house on or off – that way it’s easy to get them all in one go!

2. Set your lights to only go to 10% or 15% at night when sensing motion – just enough light for you to make it to the fridge and back with your midnight snack.

3. Flash the lights someone is at the door. When you’re listening to music or you’ve got headphones on, you probably won’t notice the doorbell. Setting this up makes sure you won’t miss a thing!

Everyday Automations:

There’re always little things around the house that could benefit from a little bit of smart, here’s a couple of good examples!

1. Set a wakeup routine! Add a gentle wakeup light, getting brighter over a 30-minute period for a nice wakeup. You can also get your smart hub to tell you the weather for the day and play some music to get you going for the day.

2. Set up your smart hub to send you a text message if your garage is open or if a door is unlocked when you leave. If you’ve got a smart security system, you can even make sure everything gets closed and locked!

3. Set up a contact sensor in the mailbox – so when mail gets delivered, you get a notification. You can even add that old AOL “You’ve got mail” notification for the fun of it.

Energy efficient Automations:

Other than helping you get through your day, some automations can really help with efficiency or reducing waste. On top of saving money, they can help make sure everything is working just right. For example:

1. Set your sprinklers to work with day’s weather. That way, if it rains then your sprinklers won’t switch on and drown your garden. They’ll also kick in a bit more if it’s really hot or sunny to make sure your plants stay healthy.

2. Create a routine for your smart hub for when you leave the house! This one is great since it makes sure your house is locked, all the lights and appliances are off, and your heating goes to stand-by. This trick helps a lot with the utility bills and it’s super practical.

3. Add a temperature sensor to your home to automate temperature changes. Keeping the house at the right temperature is a bit complicated, so with a sensor your smart hub can automatically turn the heat up or down only when needed so your home stays at just the right temperature all the time – it also saves energy!

While this little list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to home automations, they’re a good place to start and they can be super helpful around the house.

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