Eco Tip #15 Are Solar Panels Worth The Investment?

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That ball of light in the sky we call the Sun has been around for a long time, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The fact that the sun is almost always around (except for those in a few specific countries) is what makes it an exceptionally reliable source of renewable energy.

By taking advantage of that daylight, you could be creating free electricity from a renewable source to power your appliances around the house.

Here’s a couple reasons why investing in a solar panel would be great for your home.

1.       It’s good for the environment.

Being a renewable energy source, solar panels produce clean energy with no greenhouse gases and they don’t pollute the water either.

Unlike nuclear reactors, your solar panels don’t have to stay cool, so leaving them out in the sun to absorb that sweet sunlight is just right! All you need to do is clean them occasionally to keep them efficient and they will last for years.

2.       Reduced utility bills

With your solar panels installed and harnessing the power of the sun, your consumption of electricity from your utility supplier will be significantly reduced.

As soon as the panels start working, you’ll see an immediate result in your utility bills and you’ll also be helping the planet

3.       Get tax credits and rebates

Certain countries have all sorts of benefits for installing solar powered home systems, these benefits include rebates, tax benefits, or more.

Some countries and states even allow you to sell back your extra electricity to your utility supplier – so you could even completely eliminate your bills!

4.       Increase your home value

Solar panels are seen as premium upgrades, like a fully refurbished kitchen or an extra added room to the house, so adding a solar energy system will most likely increase the value of your house. Studies have also shown that homeowners are willing to pay a premium for a solar home – so on top of saving money, you’ll also be able to earn back your investment if ever you plan on moving in the near future.

5.       Use Solar Water Heating

An often-forgotten feature of solar energy is a solar-powered water heater. One of the biggest uses of electricity actually comes from cooling and heating, especially in the case of electric water heaters. Using solar-power to heat your water allows you to considerably reduce the amount of electricity spent on heating water – which you can either save money on, or allocate to different uses around your home!

Based on the benefits above, it’s almost certain that installing a home solar system is worth the investment. To make the most of your green energy, you could even pair it up an eco-friendly housing solution like our very own Model–A from EcoMod Homes.

High quality and built to last, A-Fold houses can be delivered and set up anywhere in Cyprus and can be paired with smart appliances and solar energy solutions for your very own cosy and sustainable home.

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