Eco Tip #14 Why Eco-Friendly Smart Homes Are Good For The Environment

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An eco-friendly house is an energy efficient house, and over the last few years Smart Homes have pushed the limits of sustainability and have become the new frontier for green living.

Smart Appliances, like those mentioned in our article, are most often equated with technological sophistication or improved comfort. However, it’s not often mentioned how exactly they fit into the eco-friendly ‘mould’ and how they can help your house be more energy efficient. can help your home be more environmentally friendly.

One of the best ways that smart appliances help your home be more sustainable is by increasing your energy efficiency – here’s how!

1.          Less energy used for heating and cooling

Cooling and heating have a massive impact on our environment, especially when considering that it represents almost 50% of energy used in the average household.

Smart thermostats are leading the way here with their ability to adjust temperature efficiently and at the right time. Installing a Smart thermostats save an average of 10 -15% per household on heating and cooling per year, so you get to keep your toes warm and save money at the same time!

2.          Less energy wasted on lighting

Many studies have shown that as much as 17% of our carbon footprint is caused by lighting alone.

Luckily, your handy dandy smart lights are here to help! LED smart lights use a whole 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs and they save even more energy when working with your smart home by only being on when they’re needed. So, you use less electricity, less lightbulbs, and you pay less for utilities!

3.          Less wasted energy on non-smart appliances

Not all the appliances have to be smart – you can get by with a smart plug too!

Smart plugs allow you to track and measure how much energy your plugged-in appliances are using, even regular appliances that aren’t automated. By using smart plugs, you can find out what uses the most electricity and use it sparingly if you can. You can even turn them on or off with your Alexa or Google assistant!

4.          Save energy while cleaning

While being simple, some smart appliances around the home can add up to a lot of savings.

Appliances like robot vacuums or smart washing machines can help you reduce your energy consumption even further with their efficiency. Robot vacuums use less energy than upright vacuums overall, and some smart washing machines even allow you to remotely track the progress of your washing and even monitor energy consumption.

5.          Waste Less Water In The Garden

Not every smart appliance is in the house – some of them are outside!

If you water your garden frequently to keep it looking spiffy, there’s a chance you might be watering your green friends a bit too much. Instead of watering them yourself, you can rely on smart sprinklers or irrigation systems to set up a schedule based on your weather so your garden gets just the right amount of water.


While smart appliances and smart homes might not yet be able to make a completely sustainable and eco-friendly house, they’re certainly paving the way to a greener and brighter future.

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