Looking for a good environmental documentary? Here is a roundup of some of our favorite ones which are available on Netflix. All of them are bound to leave you inspired to take action in your own way.

   1. A Plastic Ocean


“A Plastic Ocean” conveys the harsh reality of plastic pollution in our oceans. Directed by Australian journalist Craig Leeson, the documentary dives into the devastating impacts that plastic has caused to our environment and marine life. Though there is no quick fix to the problem, the film does offer various strategies that can be implemented to reduce the impact of plastics.

     2. Our Planet

Our Plante Poster.jpg

“Our Planet” is comprised of eight episodes, each of which explores a different type of ecosystem (forests, desert, ocean) and the food chains within them. The documentary utilizes mesmerizing footage of the planet to convey the interdependency of all living organisms. However, it doesn’t leave out the gruesome scenes of mass extinction that are currently unfolding across the globe. Narrated by the infamous broadcaster and natural historian David Attenborough, this docu-series is bound to leave you to sit long after it ends.

   3. Minimalism


Ever wondered what a minimalist lifestyle looks like? Directed by Matt D’Avella, “Minimalism” dissects what the life of a minimalist entails, and how this practice is not just beneficial to humans, but to the environment as well. By following the lives of several individuals who share the same value that less is more, the documentary highlights the corruptive aspects of mass consumerism and proves that minimalism can pave the way to a happier, more fulfilling life.

   4. Cowspiracy


Many viewers have said that after watching “Cowspiracy,” their lives were never the same again. This documentary investigates the corruption within the meat industry and the detrimental effects it has on virtually every ecosystem on our planet. If you are interested in learning about the political power that sustains the meat industry, this documentary is for you.

   5. Seaspiracy


“Seaspiracy” documents the journey of British filmmaker Ali Tabrizi as he sets out to capture the harm that humans do to marine species on camera. In a similar vein to “Cowspiracy,” this documentary investigates the global fishing industry and the alarming corruption behind it.

Though most of these documentaries are heavy, their aim is to be thought-provoking and plant seeds in people’s minds. We hope that they spark your curiosity to learn more about the climate crisis.

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