Eco Tip #9 Farming Vertically at Home: Reaching New Heights, Regardless of Space.

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There are more ways to create a garden (or even your own tiny farm) than there are excuses for not doing so. We've heard all of them before, starting with a timeless classic: The good old "I don't have any space".

Not quite Babel

At its very essence, vertical farming is the practice (or art) of growing towers that replace horizontal farming space with more space-efficient mechanisms. This approach, impractical back in the day, is now possible thanks to an endless supply of devices that speak every language and adapt to every home.

We're not here to provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to start your vertical farm. But we can certainly give you all the arguments FOR it, to give you a push in the right direction: UP!

The Benefits of Vertical Farming

#1: It's good for the planet

By supporting vertical farming, you're supporting a process that cleans the air from CO2 and aids in creating more and better vertical farming devices. You're also supporting sustainability, going one step towards being sustainable yourself, and driving interest towards a trend with the potential of helping eradicate world hunger.

#2: It's good for your health.

Breathing fresher air is excellent, and eating well is even better. Thanks to vertical farming, you can easily grow tomatoes, lettuce, aloe vera (which also has some fantastic skin benefits), chillies, peppers, lettuces, and many other healthy plants at home. Going sustainable is also the path to getting healthier!

#3: It's good for the plants.

Symbiosis is a beautiful thing. Thanks to vertical farming, both you and a whole other species can benefit from coexisting and aiding the Earth. Vertical farming is a process known for its stability and, if done right, can help you create a stable environment in which your plants can thrive. Even an amateur can create a simple setup that provides the plants with perfect light, watering, and healthy soil.

#4: It saves (a lot) of water.

Since your plants are stacked one on top of the other, VF devices have filtering systems that help water get filtered down, drip, and save up to 95% in consumption compared to horizontal farms. This benefit goes even further if you choose to incorporate hydroponic or aquaponic systems to help this recycling process.

#5 It's efficient (but you already know this).

Including it again just for the sake of completion. As you already know, VF optimises space vertically, making you able to turn square meters into cubic, vertical awesomeness.

Moving forwards

Are you excited about vertical farming yet?

If you are, there's only one way to get going... and that's by taking the path of least resistance. Go online, pick up a rack that helps you stack plants vertically and that fits your space, and smash the "Buy" button. Vertical farming isn't rocket surgery, and you'll be motivated enough to follow through with the next steps once you receive your rack.

In the end, it's all baby steps, and to get moving is to start winning!

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